About Roberta

Roberta Combs uses vibrant color, extreme lighting, and dramatic composition to portray her realistic subject matter. Her still life paintings create an intimate view of her subject matter. Her portraits evoke personal emotion from their viewers. “I love the rich, buttery texture and the clean velvet color of pastels. They allow simple scenes and common items to be transformed with beautiful light and delicious drama."

Portrait Painting

This article focuses on the details and care of creating a portrait. It stresses the fact that artists must learn to see what they are looking at and to suppress the pre conceived ideas we have of shape, colors and rules. 

We must strive to SEE the colors on and beneath the surfaces in an objective and critical way. Our artistic license allows us to pump up the value and color to actually improve the brightness and texture of the painting without compromising the likeness of the subject. And…if you are tempted to think “good enough”……..think again.

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